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76 Moments of Freedom Be a Part of History

The Havasu Memorial Walkway will also include a series of bricks of the History of Freedom in America. The freedoms American’s enjoy have come at a heavy price. Our freedoms have been achieved by both conflict and the democratic process. We have identified 76 Moments of Freedom are the shining moments in our history that gave Americans their freedom.

Who We Are

The Havasu Memorial Walkway, with special thanks to the Department of History at Arizona State University, is holding a series of essay contests that are open to all Arizona student’s. The winning essays will forever be engraved as the “76 Moments of Freedom” markers along the Havasu Memorial Walkway with the students name and school engraved on the marker.

Havasu Memorial Walkway Presents History of Freedom Essay Contest

Samples of Winning Student Essay’s

Who We Are
Who We Are

Student Essay Guidelines

The Havasu Freedom Foundation would like to invite students throughout the state of Arizona to participate in this historical event.  Winning essays and your name will be forever engraved as one of the “History of Freedom” markers set along the Havasu Memorial Walkway! 

Guidelines for the Essay:

  1. Must stay with in the topic and time period.
  2. Use your own words. Common knowledge does not need to be cited. As an example: George Washington was the general of the Continental Army. This would not have to be cited. 
  3. If a quote is used, cite who the speaker was and be historically accurate.
  4. Length must be 42 characters in width and no more than 19 lines. There is  no minimum.
  5. Don’t forget to give your first and last name and name and location of your school.  
  6. complete list rules and requirements can be found here for the Every Student Loves Freedom Essay Contest.
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