Just a quick update: January 16th Ceremonies have been postponed.

1) Postponement of the January 16th Ceremonies should NOT stop any visitors from visiting and viewing the new sections. Please feel free to check it out on the 16th or anytime afterwards. 2) We expect to post a video of the previously planned Pioneer speakers. When completed, the video will be posted on this FB page, or check our website sometime on or after Jan 16th. The video is also expected to have a slide show of the new Walkway sections. 3) In the weeks following the bricklaying, all donors should receive a letter with a mention of your brick section, for easier navigation. We are also planning an Online directory. 4) We encourage everyone to appreciate the new History stones, among the “76 Moments of Freedom”. Most of these essays are written by local students in a scholarship contest. … Any specific questions on the walkway can be messaged to us, and we’ll reply as soon as possible. Brick orders for future bricklayings (date to be determined), can be placed on the website or by calling 866 929 5250.