Havasu Memorial Walkway Installation News

“The March 2023 Havasu Memorial Walkway brick installations are being completed during the week prior to the March 12, 2023, 10am Ceremonies under the London Bridge.
The labor is being mostly done by the LHC Public Works Dept, with oversight by volunteers of the Havasu Freedom Foundation.
The Havasu Memorial Walkway has several existing Honor Sections (Wounded Warriors, Blue/Gold Star Families, Navajo Code Talkers, First Responders, Havasu Pioneers, Health Care Heroes, and many sections for Veterans groups) and requests for additions to those Honor Sections are being honored.
We currently have numerous other requests to be added near a family member or close friends who have a previously installed brick.  However, most sections dating back to 2008 can no longer be changed due to spacing, weathering of existing bricks, and the cement used to keep the walkway firmly in place.  Going forward, anyone seeking to place a new brick next to an older brick, should instead consider ordering two new bricks to be installed together in future sections.  (Grouping of new bricks of the same size is relatively easy to do).
The Havasu Freedom Foundation volunteers are doing their best to accommodate special requests for this current March 2023 installation, but not every request can be accomplished.  
Thank you for all your support.”