Havasu Memorial Walkway Honor Pioneers

Havasu Pioneers Honored on Havasu Memorial Walkway

Feb 7, 2020


We are proud to announce that the next sections of the Havasu Memorial Walkway will include special sections to honor the Havasu Pioneers and all the brave folks that settled here during the early years. These are amazing and adventurous people, and the Havasu Freedom Foundation is proud to do this honor.

The deadline for all engraved brick orders is set for Nov 1, 2020. The next brick-laying ceremonies are being planned for January 2021 (50th Anniversary Year of the London Bridge in Havasu)

Any sized brick can be ordered for the Pioneers, but there will be exclusive “Pioneer” medallions available to those that qualify AND order the 10″ Hex size. (When ordering, please indicate the Pioneer’s year of arrival in Havasu.) 

Of course, we are still encouraging wide participation in the Havasu Memorial Walkway and we will continue to honor all our Military, Veterans, First Responders, Navajo Code Talkers, and everyone else who deserves to be remembered!

There will be more updates to this BRICK ORDERING WEBSITE: 
www.havasumemorialwalkway.org, and announcements of upcoming special events.

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Recent questions and answers:

Q: Are engraved bricks still available for everyone?
A: Absolutely. The Havasu Memorial Walkway (HWM) has several sections to honor special groups but the entire walkway is available to everyone who wishes to participate.

Q: Which is the next special section?
A: The HWM will be honoring the Havasu Pioneers during the next bricklaying ceremonies, tentatively scheduled for January 2021 (50th anniversary year of the London Bridge in Havasu). There will also be additional Veteran’s bricks, another History stone, a “Second Generation” Pioneers section, and many bricks from the public. ORDERING DEADLINE IS NOV 1, 2020.

Q: What year of arrival qualifies as a Havasu Pioneer?
A: Officially, any person or family that arrived to settle in Lake Havasu City before the start of 1974, is considered a “Pioneer”. These brave souls arrived when very little else was here, and started a new life in the desert. They should be honored!

Q: If I was a child or close relative of a pre-1974 Pioneer, can my brick be grouped with my family in the special Havasu Pioneers section? 

A: Absolutely. The HMW volunteers do not separate families! As long as an official Pioneer is represented on an engraved brick, then their “Second Generation” Pioneer family members can request to be grouped together in the Pioneers Section. 

Q: Are there any unique designations on the Pioneers’ bricks?

A: YES! Special OFFICIAL PIONEERS brick medallions are available on the Hex bricks. Please indicate year of Pioneer’s arrival, and location request during the brick ordering process. (Limited quantity of some medallions. Please order soon.)

Q: Can Pioneers purchase any special designs, brick sizes, other medallions, or engravings?
A: Probably… please contact the phone number below with special design requests. (Additional costs may be incurred.)

Link to place an order online>>>  https://donationbricks.com/hmw 

or phone in your order…262.886.0727