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List of 76 Moments of Freedom

76 Moments of Freedom List for Student Essay Contest

Please select from one of the approved 76 Moments of Freedom

Listed Below

1. Jamestown and House of Burgesses—First legislative assembly in America
2. Mayflower Compact, Plymouth Colony
3. Zenger Case—freedom of press established in the colonies
4. Boston Massacre
5. Boston Tea Party
6. First Continental Congress
7. The Revolutionary War (intro/Brittney Carey)
8. Lexington/Concord (Brian’s essay)
9. Declaration of Independence–Second Continental Congress
10. Common Sense, Thomas Paine
11. Trenton (Alex’s essay)
12. Yorktown
13. Articles of Confederation—land ordinances, 1st restriction of slavery in
14. Constitution
15. George Washington’s Presidency
16. Bill of Rights
17. 1800 Election—1st test of democracy, peaceful exchange of power
18. Marbury vs. Madison—limited government tested, Judicial Review
19. Louisiana Purchase/Lewis and Clark Expedition
20. 1808 International Slave Trade Ban
21. War of 1812/Star Spangled Banner
22. Missouri Compromise—1st moment of Congress dealing w/ the slave issue
23. Monroe Doctrine—solidified our break with Europe
24. Jacksonian Democracy—all qualified males could vote, common man
25. Texas War for Independence
26. Mexican/American War
27. Seneca Falls Convention—1st women’s convention on women’s rights
28. Underground Railroad
29. Uncle Tom’s Cabin—introduced slavery to most of America. Made it a moral
30. Civil War
31. Emancipation Proclamation
32. Battle of Gettysburg
33. Gettysburg Address
34. 13/14/15 Amendments (Reconstruction Amendments)
35. Statue of Liberty—symbol of freedom for millions of immigrants
36. NAWSA—Women’s vote in the states
37. Sherman Anti-Trust Act—secured the workings of capitalism
38. Spanish-American War
40. 17th Amend.—senators now chosen by popular vote
41. WWI
42. 19th Amendment
43. Snyder Act—voting rights for Native Americans
44. The Great Depression (Democracy survives economic collapse)
45. Four Freedoms Speech
46. Atlantic Charter
47. WWII/Pearl Harbor
48. Europe/North Africa
49. D-Day at Normandy
50. Pacific/CBI
51. Iwo Jima/Flag Raising
52. VE and VJ Days: War Effects
53. United Nations Established
54. Truman Doctrine
55. Marshall Plan
56. Berlin airlift
57. Desegregation of the military (African-America/Women)
58. NATO
59. Korean War
60. Immigration and Naturalization Act
61. Brown vs Board of Education
62. Civil Rights Movement/“I Have a Dream”
63. Vietnam War
64. Tet Offensive
65. National Farm Workers
66. Civil Rights Act 
67. Cuban Missile Crisis
68. Moon Landing
69. Title IX, 1972 Education Amendment/Women’s rights movement/NOW
70. End of Cold War
71. Desert Storm
72. Bosnian War: American led NATO forces ended the Bosnian War 1995
73. Kosovo War: United States led NATO send peace keeping forces into Kosovo;
       bring down Serb dictator, Slobodan Milosevic
74. Enduring Freedom
75. Iraqi Freedom
76. Election of 2008—1st African-American, non-white male elected.